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Know the status of your webmail inbox at a glance


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Are you tired of entering your webmail account in order to check if you have new mails? If you usually use Firefox now it will be no problem because thanks to Webmail notifier you will check your account status just having a look to the right-down corner of your internet browser.

Webmail notifier is a Mozilla Firefox add-on which will check your accounts and will show you if you have new messages while you surf the net.

It's really easy to use, you only have to insert your accounts and passwords and it will check them and it will show you their status. Webmail Notifier supports Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Hanmail,... and in addition it can open the e-mail account with just a click. Forget that annoying ask of entering the website and log in, Webmail notifier will do it for you.
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